Ever played a long ass game, and wanted to chat about it before you finished playing? Was afraid that googling anything about it will spoil you the fuck out in seconds? Well, I did, and my "solution" to that is writing random thoughts about the game as I play. So that you can read them also as you play. Or preferrably after you finished playing.

I really want to make a webapp that allows readers to comment themselves, but can't find a good free webhosting that allows file and image uploading. So, we are limited to this for now. This was a google docs document originally, but saving something from there is surprisingly painfull, and making an account there is bothersome.

Apparently neocities is gay enough to not allow .zip and .ogg files, unless you pay them of course.

List of games, from new to old:

RJ349517, DemonsRoots
Part 1: 28 MB, 18.12.2022, md5:DF6EE8997F2706D2B9DBD08769C685C5, barely started.

Bishoujo Mangekyou -1- / 美少女万華鏡 -呪われし伝説の少女- (13 MB, 22 apr 2021, complete)

Raging Loop (72 MB, 31 mar 2021, complete but not 100%)

do-nado-na (42 MB, 31 mar 2021, complete but not 100%)

Fate/Stay Night (30 MB, 31 mar 2021, halfway done)

Baldr Sky (88 MB, 10 feb 2021)